Experience the excitement of pickleball at our premier courts

Why us

NPL Pickleball Partner Venue!

We are super thrilled to be a partner venue of the National Pickleball League of Australia! PicklebalI is hailed as the world's fastest-growing sport, blending elements of table tennis, badminton, and tennis on a compact half court. Plus, it's gentle on the body and fun!

Suitable for all ages & skill levels

Whether you're looking for individual practice time or organising a group game, securing your spot is just a click away.​

Brand new Pickleball Courts

Discover the perfect blend of skill and fun at our state-of-the-art pickleball courts. Designed for enthusiasts like you, our courts offer an unparalleled space to showcase your skills, fostering both intense games and friendly competitions. ​

Pickleball Social Play

Come enjoy our social open play sessions and have some fun and meet people in the community who have similar passion for the sport 🙌🏾

Pickleball Court Hire

Serve, volley, and score in an environment tailored to enhance your pickleball journey. Our courts boast impeccable surfaces, ensuring consistent gameplay and enabling you to focus entirely on honing your skills.

Memberships are also available for all ages

Schedule and Fees


Court Hire

Peak : $24
Off-peak : $15

Peak : $30
Off-peak : $20



Equipment hire is included for all memberships


Social Play

8 spots available per session. Open to all ages! Sessions available Monday and Friday.